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... see the rock'n'roll flame in the flag, kneel down with your own guitar feedback, I'm ten feet high ...
There’s a star that leads from rural Lower Saxony to the city of Hamburg. With small electronical gadgets and a tremendous voice Tenfold Loadstar show us the way through an urban Americana. Coming from Brunswick to Hamburg Caro Garske (git,voc, electronica), Felix Wiesner (git,harp, voc) und Björn Matthias (drums, electronica) were a big surprise when first playing in the capital of German pop. Nobody ever had heard the name of the band before, they came from the province, but... they tought us riding the rockinghorse! In the meantimeTenfold Loadstar had moved to Hamburg to follow up their musical visions. In the summer of 2000 they met Thies Mynther (Stella) who produced two tracks on this debut-album. The rest was done in an original d.i.y.-style with stunning results. Electro-folky earwigs first hit to your heart before entering your brain. Neo-blues trash, folky ballads, the noise of exploding ice-bombs, girl's walk and talk, slide-faser, electro-twang ... words can hardly grab the young sound of this band. Listening to quotations wandering around, clapping hands, kissing little doggys noses... you finally will know: hey, this note’s for me! It's a rock'n'roll thing we all understand!